National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) Certification

The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated Lewis University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) through academic year 2021.  Lewis University’s Information Security program was recognized by the prestigious certification.  The CAE designation brings recognition along with opportunities for collaboration and funding.  The purpose of the National CAE program is to promote higher education in Cyber Defense (CD), prepare a growing number of cybersecurity professionals, and to reduce vulnerabilities in the Nation’s networks.  Dr. Faisal Abdullah stated, “Lewis University was one out of the six universities in Illinois to receive the designation.”  Congratulations to the Management Information Systems Department!

Dr. Shan Lin Publication

Dr. Shan Lin’s paper was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Management.  The Journal of Marketing Management is a highly regarded international academic journal, which focusses on marketing research. The paper is entitled “Brand engagement on social media: will firms’ social media efforts influence search engine advertising effectiveness?”  Dr. Lin researched how firms leverage social media platforms.  According to Dr. Lin, “Although firms leverage social media platforms such as Facebook to engage with customers, they often treat social media elements and other online marketing activities as search engine advertising as stand-alone, rather than part of an integrated online activities system.”  She looked at different types of brand engagement on social media and found social media brand engagement strengthens the relationship between advertisement rank and search engine advertising effectiveness.

Dr. Jun Zhao Coca-Cola Presentation

Dr. Jun Zhao, a visiting scholar from Hebei Normal University, presented to Ms. Pat Sidler’s International Marketing class.  Dr. Zhao explained Coca-Cola’s introduction to the Chinese market.  Ms. Sidler stated, “We learned that Coca-Cola earned the top sales ranking by being a good corporate citizen and adapting to local culture relative to branding and promotional strategies.  Students appreciated learning from an experienced marketer and professor from China.”  Previously, Dr. Zhao presented “Marketing in China” to Ms. Sidler’s International Marketing class.  Additionally, Dr. Zhao regularly attends College of Business Marketing Department courses.20160418_131927 20160418_132652

Dr. Ibrahim Mescioglu’s study published in Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment

A study co-authored by Dr. Ibrahim Mescioglu was recently published in the journal Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment (TCRT). The objective of the study titled “Decision Trees Predicting Tumor Shrinkage for Head and Neck Cancer: Implications for Adaptive Radiotherapy” was developing decision trees to assist in predicting tumor volume reduction in patients with head and neck cancer. Dr. Mescioglu analyzed pretreatment clinical and pathological parameters for cancer patients treated with definitive concurrent chemoradiotherapy and developed an information theory model identifying those cancer patients that are more likely to benefit from certain treatment methods. The recommended model can correctly classify head and neck cancer tumor shrinkage classification with 90% accuracy based on pretreatment data only.

Preliminary findings of the study were accepted for conference presentation at the 55th meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology. The study was coauthored by faculty at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine.  In addition, Dr. Mescioglu will present the preliminary findings for Lewis University’s Celebration of Scholarship.

Visiting Scholar from China

Dr. Jun Zhao, a visiting scholar from Hebei Normal University, presented “Marketing in China” to Ms. Pat Sidler’s International Marketing class.  The presentation took place in February.  Ms. Sidler stated, “The students were very interested and appreciative of Dr. Zhao’s presentation!  He was able to bring many insights about the Chinese people and business practices.  Dr. Zhao’s experience in consulting demonstrated that he understands the nuances and integration of Chinese businesses, government, and foreign firm operations.”  Dr. Zhao regularly attends Ms. Sidler’s International Marketing class.  In addition, he visits other classes offered by the Marketing Department.    Zhao

Information Security and Risk Management Ranking

The Information Security and Risk Management degree was recently ranked number four in the article titled, “The 12 Best Online Bachelor in Information Assurance & Security Degree Programs” by  The website selected Lewis based on the following criteria:  academic excellence, course offerings, faculty strength, and reputation.  Dr. Faisal Abdullah, Chair/Professor of MIS, stated, “Our hands-on curriculum provides students with high-demand cybersecurity career skills such as computer forensics, ethical hacking and cyber risk optimization.”  Additionally, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have recognized Lewis University as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education.  For the complete article, please see the following link.

Finance Students Visit the Consulate-General of Japan and Chicago Federal Reserve Bank

Dr. Robert Atra, Dr. Yuntaek Pae, and Dr. Frank Rose led a group of 30 students on a study trip to Chicago to meet with financial analysts at the Consulate-General of Japan and the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.  The group had a dialogue with analysts Eiichiro Kamikawa and Daniela One at the Consulate-General about U.S.-Japan economic and financial relations, “Abenomics” (the policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aimed at lifting Japan from the country’s long stagnant economic performance), the recovery from the 2011 earthquake/tsunami, and other priority issues facing Japan such as its declining birth rates and aging population.  At the Fed, David Oppedahl, Senior Business Economist, briefed the students and responded to their questions on the role of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, determinants of U.S. monetary policy, forecasts of the performance of the U.S. and global economies, and expectations regarding a possible increase in the Fed Funds interest rate at the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting in December.  The College of Business Finance Department is planning future student study trips.

Thank You Dr. Carmine


Dr. Laura Leli Carmine is retiring after 41 years of dedicated service.  In addition to her experience at Lewis, Dr. Carmine worked for international companies; including as a Certified Trainer for Accenture, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, and as a senior manager at Arthur Andersen.  Additionally, Dr. Carmine served as Chair of the College of Business Marketing department.

When former students were asked to describe what it was like to have Dr. Carmine as professor, many students described Dr. Carmine’s passion for marketing and helping others.  Laura Hernandez stated, “Dr. Carmine is single handedly the most influential teacher I have had in my professional life.  I really enjoyed that she could bring her work experiences into the classroom to help us better understand the ‘real work environment.’  She was instrumentally helpful with my class work, my marketing internship, and finally pointing me in the direction of my first job prior to graduation.  I recently witnessed her helpful spirit again when she spent time with my son Zack, who is a Social Media Marketing major at Lewis this year.  She spent time giving him ideas on what the right path would be for him as he finished up his freshman year at Lewis.  I am very grateful to her for all she has done for me and feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to know her.”  Mr. Rich Burke elaborated about Dr. Carmine’s caring spirit.  In particular, she worked with finding students internship opportunitities.  Mr. Burke landed his first job after college through his internship.  In addition, Dr. Carmine helped keep Mr. Burke connected to the University, including teaching as an adjunct for the Marketing department.  Lastly, Bryan and Mary Durkin stated, “Little did we know that Dr. Laura Carmine, our Marketing professor during our freshman year at Lewis University would turn out to be our mentor, advisor throughout school and life, and unwavering friend for over 35 years.  Laura gave us the confidence and conviction to pursue a career in business and always make us feel like we could achieve any goals that we set for ourselves.  We attribute our professional and personal accomplishments largely to her counsel.  She is a brilliant educator, a compassionate friend, and truly an inspiration to all.”

Dr. Carmine will be greatly missed.  Thank you, Dr. Carmine, for your dedication and commitment to Lewis University and the College of Business.

laura cake

Heads or Tails? Strategy Requires More Than a Coin Flip

Adjunct College of Business Professor, Steve Garchow, recently released a new book entitled, Heads or Tails?  Strategy Requires More Than a Coin Flip.  The book provides a new approach to decision making.  Mr. Garchow based his Lean Strategic Decision Model (LSDM) on his corporate experience.  The model is intended to help leaders make effective and efficient decisions.  According to Mr. Garchow, “For the majority of my corporate career I designed and implemented business activity that drove revenue and profit growth. But while carrying out these responsibilities, I noticed that strategic questions were rarely addressed. The result? Missed growth opportunities and failure to resolve threats.”  He believes that organizations need to balance short-term financial commitments and strategic needs, rather than primarily focusing on the profits.  LSDM allows senior executives to focus on meeting shareholders’ expectations and craft company strategy.  Additionally, Mr. Garchow teaches the Entrepreneurship in Information Technology College of Business course and runs his own marketing consulting business.

Steve Garchow book

Dr. Atra: Wallet Hub Contribution

Dr. Robert Atra recently contributed to the 2015’s The Most and Least Financially Literate States in America article.  Wallet Hub interviewed Dr. Atra for an expert response.  Specifically, Dr. Atra described how people of different ages can become more financially literate.  Parents need to lead by example and explain why they make financial decisions.  For example, parents could explain why they drive an older car, rather than buy a new car.  Parents could also teach their children how to budget and save money.  Dr. Atra gave the following example: “…my nine year old son wanted to purchase a wrestler figure for $10. I asked how much money he had saved and he said $40. He felt he had plenty of money since $40 was so much bigger than $10. I told him he needed to consider if he wanted to spend 25% of his net worth (all that he had) on one item. He decided against buying the figure until he saved more.”  Dr. Atra suggested children around middle school age should be taught that it is good to save money, but money should do something and not just sit around.  For instance, children could open a savings account where money can earn interest, or money could be used to buy stock in a company.  Dr. Atra believes children should be introduced to long-term rates of return on savings accounts, bonds, and stocks.  High school students should learn about retirement accounts, investing, and Social Security.  Math classes could introduce the idea of compounding.  Social Studies classes could also incorporate financial literacy.  In addition, financial professionals could give basic presentations that are informational (not for sales purposes) and educate people about financial literacy.  Wallet Hub offers financial tools and information for consumers and small business owners.  According to the website, “Wallet Hub is leading the industry thanks to a unique combination of social features, expert insights, and a vast amount of constantly-updating information.”  The article can be found using the following link: